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New Fragrance Alert!

In my last post, I let everyone know that Sweet Magnolia was being replaced by the more exuberant Wild Heart. This time I'm going to let the choice few (my website subscribers, of course!) know all about the SEVERAL new fragrances that will be making their debut at the 2019 Fall Festival and Chili Cook-Off in Downtown Russellville.

Drop of Sunshine - This particular fragrance has been featured on our table previously, but only in bath bombs and lotion. They both sold rather quickly, so I have no worries that this soap will be an absolute favorite! Drop of Sunshine has a bright citrus presence, quickly followed by floral lily and freesia, as well as spicy nutmeg and ginger. It reminds me of the first sunshine that peeks through your bedroom window in the morning.

Clair de Lune - Clair de Lune is a breakaway from the typical, featuring the shadowy florals, orchid and tuberose along with creeping coconut, balsam, clove, and musk. This fragrance is best worn with a wink and a coy smile.

XoXo - XoXo features a combination of sweets that seem to contrast and compliment each other all at once, creating a fragrance you can't help but enjoy. XoXo is made up of notes including coconut, vanilla, and cashmere, as well as candy apple and raspberry.

Citrine Dreams - The bright citrus of this blend is high and clear, like a bell chiming in an old country church tower. It is complimented by subtle apple and chamomile.

Pink Punch (pictured above) - This one has quickly become one of my personal favorites! It's name less after the kind of punch you'd drink and more after the fact that you'll be knocked off your feet by this phenomenal scent. Pink Punch features notes of citrus, strawberry, peach, coconut milk, and Damask rose. It’s smells similar to the Victoria’s Secret perfume, Love Spell.

Sparkling Peach - When I say "sparkling", I mean it. You can SMELL the popping bubbles, guys. Peach nectar, orange, and mango all mingling with prosecco creates this magnificent, "crispy" fragrance. (You know, like McDonald's Sprite, hahaha!)

Spirit in the Sky - This blend of vanilla and lavender is deepened with clary sage, black myrrh, and Egyptian musk. Spirit in the Sky brings forth thoughts of soft silk, shadowed corners, mysteries, and stolen kisses.

Indian Summer (limited edition) - An Indian Summer is unseasonably warm and dry weather that sometime occurs during the Autumn months. This fragrance is a perfect representation of that, featuring dogwood flowers, petitgrain, black pepper, and spicy ginger. This is not a fragrance that we'll be able to replicate, however, so it a very limited edition.

Speakeasy - Speakeasy is the newest addition to our "man smell" line and is sure to become an instant favorite! It features deep citrus, dusky spices, worn leather, and hints of Kentucky bourbon to keep you comfortable and toasty.

I sure hope something on the list above entices you! I know that I'll probably be keeping a bar or two for myself, that's for sure!

Besides the new arrivals, several returning favorites will be available that day as well including Tobacco + Bay Leaf, Wanderer, Anjou Pear, and The Irishman, which has been on our table before, but under a different name.

I can't wait for this event and I sincerely wish that you'd all come out to say hello! Fall Fest is one of, if not the biggest event that happens in Downtown Russellville and it's one of my personal favorites. We go every year and there are a ton of events for kiddos. I usually dress my big boy in his costume before we go!

Thank you all so much for reading! Please send me an email at birchmoonapothecary@hotmail.com or via Facebook at our business page if you have any questions or comments!

Love and Lather,

Birch Moon Apothecary